Using debt as a financing tool for your real estate investments gives you the power to leverage your property and skills to create true wealth. Many different financial instruments allow you to finance your real estate projects and through Onyx Funding you have access to all of them.

You can choose an interest-only loan, an adjustable-rate mortgage, a fixed-rate mortgage, a bridge loan – there are many options and possibilities! Leveraging debt wisely is crucial to ensure your projects profitability.

At Onyx Funding, we understand that maintaining and expanding your real estate business can be time-consuming, stressful and costly. That is why we have made it our mission to secure you the optimal funding solution for your specific needs and facilitate a seamless transaction so you can focus on your business. 

Simply put, we take care of the process from A-Z. Our diverse expertise, vast lender relationships, and real estate market experience enable us to customize financing for any loan request. 

Onyx Funding is a leading, national provider of financing services in the commercial real estate industry. By leveraging our expertise, we can produce unparalleled customized financing solutions for any type of property.

How Onyx Funding Works

step 1


We start with learning and understanding about your business and specific scenario and goals.
Onyx Funding works with you to truly understand what your short and long-term strategies are so we can structure the perfect financing solution for your needs.
step 2


We will find and negotiate the most competitive offers in the market to unlock the best rates and terms for your scenario.
We will compare the top offers and choose the one that meets your needs the most. With this level of transparency, combined with our wide network of capital sources, you can rest assured that you are getting the absolute best solution in the market.
step 3


Onyx Funding provides an end-to-end service, taking care of the entire underwriting process from A-Z.
We make sure your loan is clear-to-close as fast and as seamless as possible. We save you the time and the hassle so you can focus on your business, while having peace of mind that Onyx Funding is driving your loan to the finish line.
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We take care of the entire process by seamlessly driving your deal from application to close.
Onyx Funding brings all the parties together and takes care of the steps necessary to facilitate a smooth and successful closing.
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