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About Refinance Loans

Is your current loan delivering the best possible rates and terms or can you do better? Refinancing is the replacement of an existing loan with another debt obligation with different terms. 

If you’re considering a refinance, there are a few things you should consider – What are the advantages? How it will change the terms and interest rate of my current loan? 

Once you’ve determined whether or not a refinance is the right solution, Onyx Funding can help you secure the best sources of capital from our trusted and reputable lenders.

Why You Should Refinance

This could reduce your monthly payment or reduce your term.

Consolidating can create a more manageable debt situation.

Increasing your term can alleviate large monthly payments.

Use a cash-out to for home.

Features and Benefits


Our refinance interest rates start as low as 5.19%.

It depends on your desired business results and your property goals. Contact us today to determine if it’s time for you to refinance.

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