Mortgage Rate Updates

As you may know, mortgage rates have dropped again last week and are now sitting around their lowest point in the last three years! This presents an extraordinary opportunity for real estate investors such as yourself for 3 reasons: 1. Refinance & Save Refinance activity is 163% higher than a year ago and rental property owners and land lords can save money by refinancing, even if you took out your current mortgage just last year. Mortgage rates have seen a stunning decline and are down almost 1.5 percentage points from 2018. 2. It's an excellent time to do a cash-out refi! Pay off your existing debt and cash-out of the equity you have built. This money can obviously be used for many things, but one example I am seeing a lot of is real estate investors using the cash-out funds to fuel their flipping business.  3. Lower Rates = More Buyers According to the Mortgage Bankers Association, new-purchase loans are up 10%, so if you're in the flipping business, this means there are more potential buyers in the market and you can sell more properties. Faster.

So... are you taking advantage of the low rates? No one knows if rates will stay low or jump back up, so make sure to lock your rate ASAP! To learn more about our loan options and get a quick quote, please use the following link - Click here for a free quote! For more information please contact us,

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