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About Office Loans

Are you outgrowing your home office? Are you building something new and need a dedicated space? With the right source of capital, you can embark on your newest real estate venture. 

The right loan gives you the freedom to either expand upon or begin creating the space that will become your latest source of income. 

Types of Loan

Office loans can be used to purchase a wide variety of spaces to match your requirements.

It is time to grow your existing property or building? An office loan can be used to expand on the spaces you already own to accommodate your growing business.  

Large floor plans, flexible space, and convenient parking structures are the cornerstones of suburban office buildings. Is a suburban unit what you need to start your business?

Large, multi-unit, urban spaces are suitable for investors and property owners with larges businesses or who are seeking to fill their offices with multiple companies. 

The smaller version of a high-rise remains a great option for those expanding their workforce or looking to share a building with other firms. 

Features and Benefits

Investing in an office building creates many benefits and opportunities for the property owner.

Most office tenants remain in their office spaces for upwards of 5 to 10 years – assuring that your investment is providing a consistent return.

Office structures have a history of steady appreciation in the market.

Several renters mean a diverse and stable property portfolio that produces steady sources of income. 

Businesses are constantly growing and expanding, many will choose to rent a space for the very first time, and some will be looking to relocate.


Typically, the following factors are considered when determining eligibility, rates, and terms: your credit score, your net worth, your liquidity, your business experience, and your income. 

Once you’ve determined the need for additional financing or capital, it’s best to get started as soon as possible!

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