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About Industrial Loans

When it comes to business, a great idea is an excellent start, but you’ll need more than just your idea. Funding is a necessary tool for businesses to get started or grow. An industrial loan can be used for various business-related needs. 

When your business needs working capital or finance capital, an industrial loan may be the best choice in acquiring the necessary funds for your business to run smoothly.

These short-term loans provide interest rates based on the LIBOR or prime rate and are secured by collateral owned by your business.

Types of Loans

Industrial loans can be used to finance various aspects of your multi-family property.

Financing for your mixed-use commercial property can be secured through an industrial loan.

Industrial loans are eligible for use on office buildings and property.

What You May Need to Get Started

To secure your loan, you may be required to utilize an asset to contribute as security for the loan.

If your business lacks suitable collateral, your lender may require a personal asset in place.

Some lenders allow a co-signor to share the responsibility of the loan.

Proper documentation is required to continue the process of acquiring your financing.


The process can be completed quickly with the proper documentation and application. Contact us now to get started!

Equity financing can require a lot of time to find investors and shareholders.

If you are considering growing or expanding your business, using debt as a financing tool is much simpler and quicker than equity financing.

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